The price of fancy coloured and investment grade diamonds is rising due to strong demand and dwindling supply.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds have shown remarkable increases in price in the last 10 years and currently represent excellent value for money. ​​

You can expect capital growth of at least 20% p.a. from a high quality Yellow Diamond.

Watch this short video presentation and then contact us to ask about our current promotion.

Diamonds vs other Asset Classes

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

For faster growth, we choose blue or pink stones because they are more rare and are appreciating more quickly with prices rising at more than 30-40% a year.

Just one in a million carats is graded pink or blue and when the Argyle mine, the principal source of pink diamonds, closes in a few years, there will be no more.

Only around 50 pink diamonds a year are sold by Argyle, with prices starting at USD500,000 per carat. You can see why a shared purchase makes a lot of sense.

Price of the same Blue Diamond sold at auction

Ownership without risk

In the history of diamonds, prices have risen when all other assets have slumped. Diamond prices have even risen faster than gold.

​Our approach takes no risk with your money.  We even store and insure the diamond on your behalf in a Swiss Security House.*

No taxes, just growth

(Malca Amit or Ferrari Express)

Price of the same Pink Diamond sold at auctions


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